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2 x £20 Bonus Buy Giveaway


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To say thank you to all of you who have supported us, we would love to give our viewers back something!!! So tonight during our stream we are going to give away 2 x $20 bonus buys. As always we have to make this fair to our community and have a few little terms in place.


 - One entry per person.

- All people entering must be signed up to our forum, you can sign in top right of the page.

- Draw will be done via prize wheel. 

- One Prize per person.

- Anything you win on the buy will be yours Up to the first $300. Anything above that will be split with us. So if your buy pays $500 we get       $100 you get $400. Please remember it is in USD so will be converted to GBP for the winner.

- Please ensure you are signed in when entering as guest entry's can not be checked or listed as entered. 

How to join!!!! - Simply comment below your favourite slot.

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