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Video slots - no player protection

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Soo as you all know I used to play on video slots a lot. I have been kyc to my eyeballs and always giving them what they needed. So last week I was depositing playing along and tried some roulette.

I finished my sesh and tried withdrawing. But my withdrawal was instantly reversed. 
so I contacted chat and was told I need to give them bank statements again as source of wealth needs updating but did not specify exactly what ones. (Only done this two weeks ago. Any way during the chat I stated this and asked for my withdrawal to be processed under ukgc terms and conditions, which they refused. After a long discussion I stated they are still allowing me to play and deposit which shouldn’t be allowed if I can not withdraw. I also stated to them that my gameplay should become inactive and I should of had a email about kyc. Video slots then stated they sent me a email a week prior, which I never had. 
I asked them to prove that this was sent to which they replied it seems it never got sent. So any way I thought let’s try something and I carried on playing and lost the money I was trying to withdraw. I then proceeded to live chat yet again and was told I should of asked for it to be withdrawn. (Which I did). So after me kicking off I complained about this and stated my account should be froze till I send what they are asking for. They told me a new email will be sent telling me what I need to send them and gameplay is in active. So I then go and try to deposit again and bam £100 added to account which I lost on roulette. I then made a formal complaint not because of what I have done but because of no player protection. 5 days later I receive a reply telling me they have looked into this and even tho I asked for my withdrawal to be locked I never actually stated for my account to be locked so they believe it is my fault that I continued to lose money. I have also not got a email still about what they want to allow me to withdraw and still to this minute they continue to allow me to deposit. 

I was not annoyed that I lost as it’s money I set aside but many others who would have lost this could of affected them hugely. After this I have lost all respect for videoslots and will not be playing on their site again as it is clear they are not fussed about player protection. Everyone states you are safe playing in the UK this is Obs  not the case with these.

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