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Relaunch of the website


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We have relaunched The Streaming Shack, you will find a new fresh looking site. As you can see we have moved away from promoting our self's and selling merch. We have decided to go in the direction of promoting every one. Well i say everyone, what we mean by that is any streamer that is legit ( using there own money. Any streamer who can provide proof is more than welcome to feature on this site. Too many people jump at fake streamers with out having any proof at all. So why not show our community who they real streamers are. We are now working closer than ever with the providers and have more coming soon. We will be doing random merch giveaways from the top providers. We have also added White Hats brand new casino SKOL to our site with a chance to win up to £450 for signing up. (no deposit required). All new members to our site our welcome to chat freely about what ever they want. 

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