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Trusted Streamers *Update*


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You may have seen the changes to a few pages on our website, The biggest change is our trusted streamer page. 

Trusted Streamers is a brand new platform made by TSS and highlights the real and fake streamers, The sole purpose of this is to make clear certain streamers get paid to advertise slots and casinos and streamers use 'Fake' funds and a completely different setup to how a normal player would, For example a fake streamer would be given £500+ from a casino or slot provider and be asked to play a certain amount of slots to promote the slot itself, The RTP and constant bonuses and wins on a fake streamers account is relatively different to how a normal players account would be. Provoking the actual play on a slot, The gambling world is a dangerous place if a player can't control their money and gamble responsibly and these fake streamers are showing massive wins forcing in a sense a person to play!

We now have a page dedicated to showing you truly verified and non verified streamers giving you a better look into actual slots! And the real potential of playing online!

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