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15 Crystal Roses


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This is a legendary tale of love of the greatest kind, the tale of the 15 Crystal Roses. Sir Lancelot has declared his love for Princess Elaine. As a symbol of true devotion, he must seek out the 15 Crytal Roses, buried deep in the enchanted woods. Dare you join him on his quest? FEATURES Part of our popular Arthurian Legend series, this is certainly one you’ll want to add to your bookshelf. 15 Crystal Roses is changing the way that stories are told within the world of slots as players must follow a Quest Map to find their fortune… Within the base game, the Quest Map can be viewed if clicked. At the start of the Free Spins, the Quest Map will appear, and the player will see the Crystal Roses they collected to enter the feature. At the end of the Free Spin feature, the Quest Map will appear, and the player will see the Crystal Roses they collected in the feature. MEET THE CHARACTERS PRINCESS ELAINE The maiden fair, but she is not your typical damsel in distress. Princess Elaine will only marry someone worthy of her love – they must prove themselves for even a chance of her affection. SIR LANCELOT Arthurian Legends knight on a white steed, Sir Lancelot is known for his determination, loyalty to King Arthur and his devilishly good looks. If anyone has what it takes to win the heart of Princess Elaine, we’re pretty sure it’s this guy. LANCELOT’S NOBLE STEED Where would Sir Lancelot be without his noble steed? His loyal companion will get him through even the most dangerous adventures. IN-GAME ARTWORK Symbols within the game stay true to the Arthurian Legend games past, etched in stone, slowly being claimed by the wood’s enchanted vines.

Read our full review here crystalroses_square_thumbnail.gif.6327844af3931e0f9f19f7b416d911b3.gif

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