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BigTimeGaming Slot Fest


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Was not planning on this but it all started with my Fav slot Slot Vegas. I got the rainbow feature in the bonus
and it paid £125. Played other BTG slots mainly the grinding slots. In the end, think I was up about £30 so not bad
for the 2 days of fun. 

Slot Vegas £125 (625x)
Opal Fruits £41.02 205x)
KingMaker (30 multiplier) £31.70 (158x)
Kingmaker (12 Multiplier) £34.28 (171x)
Holy Diver Level 3 £15.30 (76.5x)
Royal Mint super bonus. 89 flaming pence. (4x). Took £80 to land the super bonus. grrrrrr 
Monopoly Megaways £25.19 (125x)
Lil Devil Heartstopper. About £15 but big loss on how much it cost to land.  

Royal Mint was on my banned list after paying 86p the last time in the super bonus but genius here
thought it will finally pay me. Back on the banned list. 🙄




KIngmaker 31.70_158x.jpg

KIngmaker 34w_171x.jpg




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