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The truth behind dirty affiliate company's


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As a streamer who is involved in affiliation, i am not going to be the type of person who sits back and hide the dirty company's out there. Some people out there disagree with what we do as a company many others support us as streamers. Many think we are fake many know we are not fake (Proving deposits showing transactions and doing giveaways from our own personal bank. As my community know, i deposit lots more than i earn in affiliation, this is funded by my self working 7 days a week, so when others support my streams by signing up to our links its appreciated massively. So to the point!!!! wesigned up to casino program Energy Casino and as a company we done £500 giveaway to our viewers. We do not ask you guys to deposit but if you do its a bonus to all of us. I earn a percentage or maybe even a set amount per sign up. Which i state we give away to the community. Not one penny of it has gone in my pocket. So Energy casino as you all know years back i joined gamstop for 6 months, this was not due to my self losing money it was due to the amount of time i spent playing. So i decided to work with energy and promote  them, as the sign ups started rolling in, i received a email from the casino telling me there closing my account as to there terms and conditions stating i was on gamstop. (shall i add i was not and am not since TSS). After getting Gamstop to contact the company showing i am not on Gamstop they replied to state i do not have a account to play on there site. So i promptly opened a account with them not that it was needed to promote them. After days of back and forth they decided to with hold my payment to me and close my account. Energy words was they do not feel it is right for my self the streaming shack to promote gambling looking to earn money out of affiliation and they feel for their company it is the best way to provide security to others not to allow the streaming shack to promote them. This made me die inside with laughter that this casino in question happily allows players to deposit with out offering the player any privileges. I know i am not the only company they have messed about with, they kept the payment outstanding. As you know i still paid out the giveaway from my own pocket to my players as its the right thing to do. I am in the process of notifying the gambling commission regarding Energy casino. Their is many more company's out their offering us free money or incentives. In my word to become fake to benefit us all and their is many streamers out their involved in this. Some only stream 20p stakes thinking no one would question them. All i say is many people have approached me to join the trusted Streamer section of our site but so far many have failed to get in when asked to show their legit. If you are legit where are You ? 

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