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Crypto - Food Bank - stream updates


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Is crypto shady. 

I my self have ventured out to playing on crypto casinos on alot of my content, many viewers dont like what we are doing but we are not affiliated to any crypto site. Our affiliation is simply UK casinos that are licensed under the UKGC. Playing on crypto does not advertise our casinos in the UK. Many people think crypto streamers are fake, we show all deposits and withdrawals even bank statements, plus we don not affiliate to a crypto casino, so we couldn't be fake as it shows we dont have any deals with them to promote. I like playong on them personally as i have never had a single issue with a cash out unlike the UK. I feel as i spend my money i should be able to enjoy spending my money and have fun. UK casinos are just boring and hell, so much kyc so many rules and to be honest a pile of shit. I would never show anyone how to play on a crypto casino due to gambling issues. People have also questioned how i can rip a grand on mental and not care. I do care but that money is spare income from my own job, i deposit that expecting to lose it. If you look back to a year ago i done multiple hunts at £1000 a pop. We then calmed it down to £100 + £100 or £200 + £200 streams. These was not streamer bonuses, these are offers every player gets from signing up or from the casino as a weekly bonus. As you all know i am away on vacation next week to zante then to Malta. During this time we will be running a giveaway for a new UK Based casino. I will not be doing any streams or videos as this is my chill time and my personal life comes first. Once i am back i am going to go back to UK Slots - Wager streams and £500 Bonus hunts. If i do not enjoy the content the UK has to offer i will be canceling all live streams and do YOUTUBE content only, this may be via UK or Crypto as its my money and i will spend it how i wish. How ever EdBoy will play as he wishes and play however is best to suit him. We will also be donating some money next month to a food bank in scotland as i feel this part of the UK is always left out and i spend alot of my life up here. I will be setting up a go fund me page soon and if anyone wants to donate even £1 that will help massively, me and ed as always will contribute and run a cash giveaway to any one who donates even a £1 will be welcome to enter. I want to show that our community is about helping others around the UK when people are in need of help. 

I will see you all back on stream in October, Much love peeps 



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