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Questions i have been asked by the community via the contact page


Do you agree with what we are doing?  

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  1. 1. Do you think its good we verify streamers

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    • No
    • A waste of time

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Trusted Slot Streamers Update (TSS)

A monthly update on our TSS, as you are all aware back in early March we decided to show the community the streamers they can trust. This was important to us the viewers and The streamers in question. Too many times these streamers get abuse about fake funds or 3rd party payments when there is no proof that they are Fake or real. So we decided to do something about it!! 

Below i have put in some of the questions i had been asked about by the viewers 

Why did TSS decide to do this before any other company out there?

Back last year i see on a post about people wanting to see if streamers are frauds, i see many streamers being slated for no reason when none of us knew if they used the own money to gamble. Some one in that forum stated streamers should be checked by a casino. I then see a post on twitter of people discussion some thing similar, but that never took off. So we decided to give it a try and it seems to be doing good so far. 

Did we do it for clout?

Simple answer is no!!! We do not and will never ask any Trusted Slot Streamers to stream with our logo or a badge to state they are verified by us. Many streamers have chose to tell people they have verified with us which we appreciate but we would never ask. 

Is the website totally independent?

The website is fully independent. The website is fully funded by myself via working 5-7 days a week. The website has cost over 6k as we pay a website developer and constantly add more content to our site. No affiliation money has been spent on this project. We also do not take any money off providers for advertisements.

What happens to the affiliation income? 

All income created via the website so far has gone on giveaways, charity's and to some viewers to help with Xmas presents. 

Did You expect anyone to verify?

Maybe one or two!! We would never of imagined to have 15 on our site within so little time.

Do you expect it to continue to grow? 

That is  a difficult question, at the moment we are in talks with three streamers, one has now verified. One we are in the process of verifying and the other we have been in communication with each other. But we do expect this to slow down over time.

Do i feel bad about having a non contacted section? 

Simple answer is no!!! Why should i feel bad about it? If you do not have something like that to get started it would never rock the boat. People would never think of ever verifying. If you rock that boat gently enough the real guys will step forward and show the viewers that they are real. 

Why did you remove the non contacted section then?

I removed that section for a couple of reasons. One of them was because the boat started rocking and the trusted streamers in the community didn't mind they backed the idea. The second reason was it caused conflict as some others wanted to verify else where and some streamers asked to be removed from the list.

Are you annoyed about new sites doing what you do?

At first i was a little annoyed but after speaking with the sites owners, we both realized what we are doing is for the community and if some one wants to verify with them, us or both of us, then we are just happy that the streamer has proved to be trusted. 

If a streamer went to verify and couldn't prove they are trusted would you tell the community?

We would not call any streamer fake or not trusted as such we would rather not get involved with Defamation of character (act 2013) just because we couldn't verify someone doesn't automatically mean they are not trusted. Our aim is to prove the trusted people and leave the others behind.

Why would a streamer not verify? does it mean they cant be trusted?

Some streamers just don't want to verify nor feel like they have too. Viewers will make their own minds up on what they believe it does not mean that streamer is not trusted.

Would you sell your site if it got massive?

That's a easy question, i have been approached already regarding this. No i would never sell the website and i wouldn't let any one buy into it from a casino or provider. I wouldn't want the risk of my site being used as a cover up to verify non trusted streamers. 

Did you know the streamers personally before this?

I knew a couple via streaming but had never met any of them in person prior to this project. After working with streamers to verify some of them you become friendly with and share ideas and so on. But i would never let this get in the way with verifying. 

What would you do if a streamer you verified turns out to be non trusted in the future and you have become friendly with? 

I would remove them from my website and cut all ties with that streamer, 

How do you benefit from verifying streamers? 

We do not at all we do not charge for our service and never will. I run this site mostly in the evenings once i have finished my normal job. it is very time consuming. But i feel this could do good in the long run and its something i believe in strongly.





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