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Age of Akkadia review


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Red Tiger proudly presents Age of Akkadia, a 5×5 slot game based on the first empire of ancient Mesopotamia. The game is packed with Akkadia Wilds, Hidden Multipliers, and a variety of winning combinations that make it a jewel amongst slots. Symbols based on two deities are high-paying, and hold the secret to unimaginable riches. When these two symbols combine in a bet-line win, a wild symbol is created that remains on the reels for the next spin. Mysterious letters beneath the reels spell out the word bonus, revealing this triggers free spins! Civilizations rise and fall, but this one is not done yet! • An ancient kingdom… a glorious past… and a slot ready to yield its secrets: give Age of Akkadia a spin.! • Empires rise and fall, but the memory of their glory lives on forever. Enter an ancient land and step into the shadow of the great gods of Mesopotamia in Age of Akkadia. • The gods of old do not suffer fools. Tempt your fate – but while in their mighty presence take care not to anger them. • Step inside a dream of old Mesopotamia and steal riches from beneath the noses of the gods. • Your journey into the ancient Age of Akkadia – the first great Mesopotamian empire – begins here

Check out our latest Review on the Age Of Akkadia Click Here


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