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Transfer News Christiano Ronaldo


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What your opinions on this major return for Ronaldo. As a Chelsea supporter not happy with the signing of Lukaku i cant help but feel Man United are more than likely laughing at the fact they had Lukaku and let him go just like Chelsea did. Now they have Ronaldo back in their team for a lot cheaper price then we paid for Lukaku. Are Chelsea going to follow suite and try and bring Hazard back? More than likely not, considering we are very strong on our left wing with multiple choice of players. In my opinion i would bring Hazard back to the club for a lot cheaper fee then we released him for and off load some other talent creating funds to replace other out dated players in the January transfer window. Whats your views  on this Years Club signings. One thing that did please me was the city boys was so sure they bagged there self Ronaldo only to be humiliated by their rival team.

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