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  1. thats a nice hit, those jar multi's are huge. 😄
  2. Just for you wiggy 😉
  3. all received, thanks again
  4. Wow, thanks Ed, I'll be in touch later today 👍
  5. i agree that there should be a guaranteed win rather than just the bonus trigger. but to set it like medusa where you run the bonus, but then have to chose to walk away with what you got, or gamble it again. yes still a risk to the player but anyone who's gambling is already accepting of the risk (more often than not)
  6. i guess a lot of streamers got far too used to the idea before the UKGC fucked it all up. there will always be someone around to find a loophole for it and get it back to the way it was 😄
  7. surely its not going to be any different than a UK streamer using a VPN to play from a different country? or am i completely wrong in thinking that?
  8. Just seems to me the main idea is to tart up an existing game, add a very rare feature to it and BOOM, you have a new slot. Ala jammin' jars 2. I know where so much has been done slot wise with variety there isn't much to look for in originality but still annoying to see the same crap pumped out again and again.
  9. nice one ed, looks like you were £30 from ripping if thats already added to the balance 👍
  10. great to see another addition to the trusted streamers 😄
  11. We don't bite boys and girls, unless that's what your into 🤭😉
  12. im lucky (some may say) that i don't often have the disposable funds to pop into any sites. so i tend to use BTG's free play site to quench any urges i have. That, or find a TSS'r to watch or similar on twitch. i'd love to be able to gamble, and win but i know it can be a slippery slope and the wins dont always come along
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