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  1. Hi everyone hope all are well For many many months now I have watched streams and always thought the same thing… I think when you get a bonus it should have a win guarantee like monty … it’s so so annoying to wait sometimes forever for a bonus and it pays literally 1 - 5 x or in razor shark etc case pays 0 x .. that’s a total joke but as we know the way online slot industry in uk has gone that won’t ever change or happen . what’s people’s thoughts ?
  2. Thank you so so so much much appreciated 👍
  3. Got to be honest I would totally approve mate … 6 months ago I would say different but the UKGC has killed the industry so why not people play elsewhere
  4. Seems all good now mate 👍
  5. Nice 1 buddy millionaire loves you pal 👍😂
  6. You would think these providers that have been around a while would up their game but tbh pragmatic, Btg are falling well behind the newcomers on the block
  7. I’m gutted it’s white hat gaming pal wish I could play there sites they have some crackers
  8. That’s the way to do it mate great to have them on board
  9. Trusted streamer page is taking off buddy 👍 hopefully more will see the gd in it and jump on board 🤞
  10. Your killing dog house 👍 only thing I get out of dog house is a bed when my mrs kicks me in there 😂
  11. That’s a cracker on 20p mate 👍 couple more spins for ya pal would have been epic
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