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  2. What we know so far about this 36,000x max win beast of a slot, from Play'nGo Click here for our review
  3. As the dark gloomy day dawns upon us, many casinos have started adding new features like BTG showing net losses live on screen whilst you grind away the slots. This feature is to be questioned for sure, UKGC seem to think it helps people track their losses!!!! Well that was just simply not the case for me, in fact i enjoyed it more. I used it like a target, you know when you go from a 30mph zone to a 60 down a dark old country road trying to hit the speed limit before that dreaded corner. Yes we all know that feeling, well i used it as a target trying to hit the positive net but i failed miserly with a loss of net -£300. At least i had some fun trying i guess!!! To my surprise whilst playing video slots i could no longer open two or four screens which was a bit of a disappointment as its slows down the progress of bonus hunts or grinding that annoying slot little Devil on multiple screens. But then i thought why not just deposit to multiple casinos and grind them all, well UKGC thank you for removing that tool, instead i deposited 4 times the amount over many different casinos which i have never have done before. I bet you can all see the direction this is going!!! Some how i do not think the incompetent governing bodies we all know as the UKGC can. So any way plodding on having some fun gambling it dawned on me that some of my favourite slots did not have autospins no more, this truly got to me thinking omg now i need to turn to Crypto Sites, but no this was not needed so what i done i downloaded the amazing tool called a auto clicker. I sat back in my chair put my feet up and drank a beer whilst i hovered my mouse over that play button. It was great no sore thumbs and spinning away with out resetting the amount of spins i wanted, it was unlimited!!!! Well done lets all stand in a line and clap to the UKGC for removing a tool for player protection because they got some feed back off Gamban. So not only i can now spin freely whilst making my dinner pop to the shops or evening taking the dog for a much needed walk (which he did enjoy, i know you was all wondering that). So now i can use the net counter as a target and deposit on multiple casinos to have 4 times the amount of fun. For me this was not a problem as i was very comfortable with what i had spent, but for others it may not be. Or are the UKGC trying on purpose to push the Gamblers in the UK to Crypto sites. We all know these sites do not offer player protection, but i have never heard of any one having issues getting their money. Or is this a tactical move to bring Crypto casinos to the UK, once all the players leave the normal regulated casinos that used to be fun and entertaining, something we have lost over the last few years. Either way the UKGC have shown us all now they do not care about the players, its about the money from fining company's and putting more and more regulations in place. I am sure the CEO Andrew Rhodes who loves to answer questions on twitter posts about the independent report into betindex would have no intention on answering some of our questions. I guess not!!!!!
  4. Book of Duat coming on the 9th November from Quickspin Click here to read our review
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  6. Bounty Gold coming on the 11th November Click here to see our review
  7. Barz is here from white hat a truly amazing welcome offer not to miss 100% up to £500 plus 50 free spins Claim offer here
  8. Blue Wizard is on the way to Quickspin released on November 23rd. Check our review here
  9. A poor release from Pragmatic check our review here
  10. Rich wilde is back with a brand new addition to the series click here to read our review
  11. Yes Play'n Go are back with a Xmas addition of the much loved Moon P. This is not just a re skin it has some great new additions with a much higher muti making this slot a lot more volatile then before. Click here to read our latest review
  12. Merlin is back on the 25th of November with this cracking new addition featuring the ice queen. click here to read our latest review
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  14. thats a nice hit, those jar multi's are huge. 😄
  15. Can you please send me some of your luck pal
  16. Wow mate smashing it 💪💪
  17. Check out what we know about this upcoming release Click here
  18. Check out our latest review on SnakeBite. Our reviews are as honest as we can be. No point in wrapping a turd in cotton wool is there. Click here to check out SnakeBites review
  19. had to be claire with the crucial spelling mistake, better than a softer one i guess lol
  20. Dylan has been paid £100
  21. Just for you wiggy 😉
  22. Totally think slots should have a bonus guarantee but they would just male it harder to bonus tbh
  23. all received, thanks again
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